How To Troubleshoot McAfee Error 0x-7fffbffb ?

How To Troubleshoot McAfee Error 0x-7fffbffb ?

The McAfee Error 0x-7fffbffb which is an indication of unable to continue the software installation appears while trying to attempt to install McAfee Windows Security Suite fails and then the installer displays a red message alert with the below text:

“Unable to continue installation” We are having trouble in McAfee software installation process because of this Error 0x-7fffbffb”

These messages are common to execute while users are trying to install the McAfee software. But our McAfee professionals have penned this blog with appropriate solutions to fix McAfee Error 0x-7fffbffb with detailed explanation of each step.

Solutions to troubleshoot McAfee error 0x-7fffbffb

Solution 1: Running the Pre-Installation tool 

  • When the McAfee error 0x-7fffbffb appears, just hit on “Done” icon to close the dialog box first.
  • Users are recommended to download the “preinstall tool”  file and then save it to their desktop
  • Double-click on the “Pre-Install_Tool.exe” file next, and follow all the command prompts.
  • Read all the warning messages carefully and then click on “OK” button to agree to all the changes made by you
  • After all the changes have been made in “Preinstall Tool”, click on “OKbutton.
  • Click on the “Close” icon next and then restart the computer.
  • After restarting the computer, try to install the McAfee software again.
  • If still all the above step fails to solve your issue then, proceed to next step to remove the error.

Solution 2: Running the McAfee Virtual Technician tool
This is considered an absolute solution because it has capability to fix complex to complex McAfee software issues.

  • To start working with the process, first navigate to the Troubleshoot and Repair section.
  • Click on the “Download and Run” button.
  • Users are recommended to save the mvt.exe file to the computer desktop when you are prompted.
  • Double-click on the mvt.exe or simply click on Run button to restart the Virtual Technician.
  • Click on ‘Yes “icon when asked to get access to User Account Control to easily allow MVT to execute now.
  • Wait for MVT to install, initialize, and then update for some time. MVT will then scan the PC for related issues with the installed McAfee security products.
  • If there are no issues found to exist then, close the MVT.

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