Important Tips to Stay Safe Online

Important Tips to Stay Safe Online

Internet nowadays is not a safe place for those who are not aware of “How to stay safe online”. There are hackers all around with preying eyes to hacking your device and infect it with malware that reports your activities back to their makers.

If every internet user has proper education about using internet cautiously and about the ways they could be trapped, then hackers won’t have an easy life. Thus the internet can be a safe, useful, and fun place to visit without having to worry about anything.

Below mentioned are some tips and techniques to stay safe online.

Create Smart and Strong Passwords


Hackers always try to crack the password. Most of the people use the same password for other accounts, and if one of them is cracked, every account will be compromised. Smart passwords are always recommended to use by incorporating alphabets, numerals, and special characters. One of the examples of a strong password is, Go2d@M!n3.

Scan for Viruses

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Sometimes, when you have the firewall enabled, the virus dupes the Firewall and enters into a computer. Therefore, virus scanning using a virus scanner or antivirus software should be mandatory even if you have the firewall enabled. McAfee Internet Security always catches the virus even before it gets installed, protecting the PC against these.

Shop Safely


Online shopping has become common today and this is the reason why hackers have started making it a medium to hack. While shopping online, make sure that the URL of the checkout screen begins with HTTPs. Also, check to see if a tiny locked padlock symbol appears at the bottom right of the checkout screen, or that there is a statement on the checkout screen stating that the pages are secure with a security technology vendor.

Ignore pop-ups

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Pop-ups are unwanted advertisements that pop on the screen and try to trick the user to click on them. These pop-ups can be malicious and the moment you click on them, a malware installation will start in the background without your permission. This is known as a drive-by download.

Therefore, never click on pop-up ads and use the pop-up blocker to get away of them.

If in Doubt, Block


Social media is yet another method for hackers to do malicious tasks. Therefore, tighten your privacy settings as the hacker can easily guess the password using your information and do not accept the request from people you don’t know. This can be a scam and in this situation the identity is the major issue.

These are some important tips that can provide the best internet protection to your PC.

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