How to Remove Viruses by Using the Attrib Command?

How to Remove Viruses by Using the Attrib Command?

These days antivirus software of a reputed vender can be very costly and due to this, they are still out of reach for many people using the computers.  If you don’t have sufficient money to purchase a good antivirus then don’t worry. There is a simple solution for this. You can search a virus manually by making use of MS Windows command prompt. For more information, contact McAfee Antivirus Help.

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You need to follow the instructions given below to use the Attrib command:

  • Press “start” button on keyboard and click at “Run”.
  • Input cmd in the search box.
  • Then input the command in infected drive like: Dir/p C:
  • Enter end switch such as s – h *. * /s /d and push “Enter” button.
  • The command prompt will display all the files in the drive.
  • If you see something suspicious like the .exe and the autorun.inf, these are the files containing the viruses.
  • Keep a note of the applications name and note down its location also.
  • Change the name of the Autorun.inf to .rar extension, so you can launch it without activating the virus.
  • Now launch the start menu by double clicking at the computer icon.
  • Choose the drive containing the infected file.
  • Look for the program directory having the file autorun.inf.
  • Right-click on the virus files whose name you modify and select “Delete.”
  • Select “Delete” by right clicking at the “.exe” files.
  • Congrats! The virus is now removed from your computer.

After done all steps properly you can remove harmful viruses or worms from your Computer or systems. Still have any issues regarding computer viruses or worms install McAfee total security 2017 and keep your systems stay safe from harmful viruses. For installation visit here or get support contact experts by calling at McAfee installation support team.They understand that technology is designed to make our lives simpler; it can also be a continuous source of stress and headaches when it doesn’t work properly. That’s why our world class online tech support service provides 24*7*365 technical support for your home or business technical requirements.

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